Wyclef Jean Says Avicii And Michael Jackson Shared A Unique Musical Trait

Michael Jackson

His comments are featured in a book that celebrates his life Avicii

Wyclef Jean has spoken about Avicii’s life Avicii in a book and has also been comparing some of the former EDM musician’s traits with the style of Michael Jackson.

Tim The Official Biography of Avicii was released last weekand created by Swedish journalist Mans Mosesson. In the course of this research Mosesson carried out hundreds of conversations, and then sifted through Avicii’s (real name is Tim Bergling) personal texts and emails dating back over 10 years.

A few of the conversations that he conducted was Fugees co-founder Wyclef who worked with Avicii two times prior to his death in the year 2018: ‘Can’t Catch me’ which was released on the album of Avicii’s in 2015″Stories”; and Wyclef’s 2014 single “Divine Sorrow.”.

In a recent interview, with billboard, Mosesson discussed the making of the book and revealed some of the information that he learned about Avicii while working on the book.

At some point in the interview, he’s asked about a quote by Wyclef, “who said he’d only met one other person whose brain functioned like Tim’s, where he could hear everything in his mind exactly as it was supposed to be – and that that other person was Michael Jackson.”

Mosesson explained this particular trait on Avicii being an “very stubborn guy”.

“There are a lot of factors in play here that combined makes him into this phenomenon, but that’s one of the main things I think that musically he always trusted his gut,” He explained.

“I’ve worked on the book for nearly three years. During this process, I’ve been thinking about how damaging it can be to focus on the final result and not take time to consider how I feeling in the course of the project What is my experience? If you ask Tim for his thoughts, he’d speak about mindfulness and the things that the ego tries to achieve however, that’s not always optimal all the time. This is why I hope readers are also able to consider their own health.”

In another conversation, Mosesson explained his decision to keep the details of how Avicii ended his own life.

“It’s really going back to research, to science… I think it’s a pretty non-controversial thing that, especially when you deal with someone that is admired – and even more so someone admired among young people – you really have to be careful about the specifics.”

“You don’t want to give people something to emulate,” the interviewer said. In response, Mosesson responded: “Exactly. That’s what’s important. It’s also not the book I intended to write. I want readers to be able to sense that the book deals more than just the big overall picture. Of course , you need to discuss the journey to Oman However, I can’t see the benefit of being too specific. I believe it’s more enjoyable to talk about and comprehend the more general concepts.”

Avicii committed suicide in the year 2018. In a statement made public on the day of his death, the family stated: “Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in; he was a sensitive guy who loved his fans but shunned the spotlight.”

Tim The Official Biography of Aviciiis is available via Sphere Books.

His father Tim Klas recently opened up about the loss of his son and asked for more psychological health services for emerging artists – declaring that fame and fortune are “a very dangerous combination”.

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