The city of Milwaukee Proclaims August 18 , 2022, as Never Give Up Day

This August 18, cities across the nation invite their citizens to observe Never Give Up Day and make this day a springboard for awareness-raising actions. The city of Milwaukee proudly joins community members celebrating Never Give Up Day and has proclaimed August 18, 2022, as Never Give Up Day. The mayoral proclamation signals the city’s role in recognizing the importance of never giving up. 

Never Give Up Day is a global celebration day focused on cultivating a mindset of determination. The day provides a common platform for health care providing associations, NPO’s, charities and consultants in their efforts to establish a call to action and fundraising activities. 
Many philanthropic causes have dedicated awareness months or days to hold their call to action or fundraising, but few can engage so much attention, touching so many hearts, and connecting so many people to the same degree as Never Give Up Day.

How can you use Never Give Up Day to your advantage?
Never Give Up Day offers a host of social and economic benefits. Businesses, consultants, human resource development, health care providing services / associations, charities, and athletes will embrace Never Give Up Day as they understand its benefits. It is the perfect day for acknowledging the resilience and determination of hundreds of million people who never give up.  
How can you get involved?
There are numerous ways in which people can get involved, no matter how much time they have, or how much they can afford to spare financially. You can check in your area if they have organized any local events, or if not, you could organize one. NPO’s, charities, health care associations, professional sports leagues, retailers and restaurants can create a never give up message that captures the attention of their donors, sponsors, customers or patients. 

“Never Give Up Day remains relevant to all those who want to give up when life gets tough, but deep down are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. It is a time that we convince ourselves and the world that we are strong, determined and able to achieve our goals. 
Never Give Up Day also encourages our leaders, heroes and role models to do their bit.”

To learn more about #NeverGiveUpDay, activities and proclamations, please visit: 
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“Nothing brings out hope and confidence like taking on life’s greatest lesson: Never Give Up”

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