Man Arrested in Assault During NFC Title Game at SoFi Stadium That Left 49ers Fan Hospitalized


A 49ers fan is currently in a medically-induced unconscious following an altercation that occurred outside SoFi Stadium during Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

A man was detained in an altercation in a parking lot during the NFC championship contest in SoFi Stadium that left a fan in a medically-induced condition, the mayor of Inglewood says.

Information about the arrest as well as the identity of the suspect weren’t immediately known at the time of the arrest. The mayor of Inglewood confirmed the arrest late Thursday evening in Montebello according to NBCLA. The person spoke to officers before surrendering the suspect, he told.

This 40-year old San Francisco 49ers fan remains in a coma following the incident. He was kicked during the parking lot dispute on Sunday the apparent Rams fan during the NFC championship game. Daniel Luna was hospitalized after the altercation while police hunted his attacker on the basis of a blurred footage and the licence plate the car, Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. stated in a press conference.

Luna is the owner of an eatery in Oakland and was in the crowd of around 16 . SoFi Stadium, most of were wearing what appeared be 49ers jerseys as he shoved the man in the Rams jersey in the back, Butts stated after having watched the clip.

Prior to this, Butts said, “there didn’t seem to be any hostilities.”

After Luna began to walk away The man then pushed Luna back as the mayor explained. After Luna was about to turn and walked away, the man slapped his mouth which caused Luna to tumble to the floor and hit the top of his head. Butts said, adding that the fight took less than five minutes.

“It looked like a small altercation that went very bad,” said the man. “From one punch and someone falling, hitting their head on the ground. It wasn’t like you had people ganging up on somebody and beating them.”

Luna’s face was broken and he was put in a medically-induced coma in order to stop internal bleeding from enlarging the cerebrum, Butts said.

The mayor has said that the video doesn’t have enough clarity to provide a full description of the suspect, however the suspect was seen speaking to a group of people inside a vehicle. Police want to track down the car and speak with the passengers to determine whether they were involved in the incident, Butts said.

The security level won’t be raised because an incident that occurred, according to the mayor.

“I’m very comfortable there was sufficient security” in the parking lot, he stated. “There is plenty of security in the parking lot. You’re not going to stop every altercation, argument between fans. It’s just not going to happen.”

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