Write For Us (Guest Posting)

We’re always seeking new writers. If you have an idea that could make us think differently and push the industry forward, we would like to hear about it. However, you don’t have to wait around for an idea that can change the way we design websites

Try to give readers an entirely new perspective on a subject that is keeping you up all late at night.

Let’s be honest writing for Alverno Alpha is a labor of love. We want your piece to be the best it can be and will push you to reach that goal. Once your article is accepted, you’ll receive an extensive critique from our team and work closely with the editor to make revisions. It’s also gratifying. Your peers (and potential employers or clients or publishers) will be reading your work. You’ll also gain a lot from the process of communicating your thoughts as well as writing even about the subject that you thought you were familiar with at the time you began.


Firstly, let’s get the ugly bit out of the way. We experience high demands of guest posting on our website meaning our team must pull itself away from curating great content for our readers, and instead go through guest post submissions. This has a knock-on effect on our operation as a whole. We’ve have to dedicate 1 member of the team purely dedicated to dealing with guest post submissions, hence we need to cover these costs. We decided that all guest posts will be charged at $150 a time to allow us to continue functioning efficiently.

What Do You Get?

You will get to publish your article on a growing news site, with a rapidly expanding Trust and Citation Flow. The moment we publish your article, it will be listed in Google News for your chosen keyword(s) within seconds! Depending on the competitiveness of your keyword, you should expect a burst of traffic to your piece which will subside in a couple of days.

But the benefits don’t end there. You are allowed include 2 (do follow) contextual links within your writing that you can link back to your site for all that link juice!

What Are We Looking For?

You can send an initial draft, a draft that is partially completed or a brief proposal (a one or two paragraphs which summarizes your argument and explaining why it’s important to us) together by an outline. The more thorough your essay is, the more the feedback we’ll be able to provide you with. Remember that we only accept original content. We will not publish anything that has already been published elsewhere (including on your blog). ).

Please do not mail us sales or press releases on this page. We feel depressed inside.

When you are ready to submit your work, read recent articles for ideas on how to structure and format your piece.

 Make sure that your work is

  • has a thesis that provides a convincing argument, not just an overview of tips as well as tricks.
  • Does have a voice. Be bold, fascinating and a human.
  • is written for an audience that includes developers, designers and content strategists, as well as info architects or others.
  • Supported by solid arguments and not only opinion. Check facts and references, and cite sources whenever appropriate.
  • Follows our writing style

For some great advice regarding the writing process look up “Writing is Thinking”. Also, you should read “So You Want to Write an Article?” to find out about the common pitfalls that we encounter in writing submissions and ways to avoid these.

What Do We Write About?

The articles we publish range between 600 and 2,500 words, based on the subject’s complexity. 1500 words is a good an average. Articles typically have illustrations that are custom. They can be informal in content and tone, great for tutorials or posts that don’t require a lot of effort, or meticulously edited and structured. Each should be thoughtfully analyzed research into the most current and innovative topics in the internet business.

How Do I Upload (And What Happens Afterward)

Send us your submission using this form along with the payment. If we need you to make changes, we will ask you to make these before publishing your article.

Here’s what happens once you click Send:

  • An editor will go over your work and determine if it’s a good suitable fit. If it’s a fit, the entire team will discuss and review the work. It happens every week.
  • The editor will take the feedback from the team and come the feedback back with notes. (We seldom take on an article the first time We’ll inform you whether we’re interested. )
  • Once you’ve addressed our concerns and sent your revised version back. The team will then discuss the draft again and inform you whether or not we’re willing to accept the draft.
  • If we agree to your article An editor will collaborate closely with you to address issues such as argumentation, organization, and the style.
  • We’ll make arrangements for your publication when revisions are finished. We’re not able to provide an exact date for publication until the article is done and is ready to publish.

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