Camilla: The Future Queen Consort


It has been announced by the Queen that she stated that she wants Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall to receive her title Queen Consort once she becomes the Prince of Wales is made King.

It’s an acknowledgement from the highest, according to royal commentators as well as one that is well-deserved, after many years of dedication and dedication.

Prince Charles said it was an enormous honour for himself as well as the “darling wife”.

After marrying into the Royal Family just 17 years ago Camilla is now 74 and has evolved into her position as a royal senior.

The road to acceptance by the public has not been without its bumps and, at first Camilla has been seen as a controversial person whom some blamed for the dissolution of the prince’s first marriage with Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana.

The year 1994 was the first time Charles confessed to having an affair with Camilla however, he claimed it was after his wedding to Diana was “irretrievably broken down”.

It wasn’t until 1999 that she and Charles made public their love affair, with photos leaving the Ritz as part of a carefully planned publicity campaign.

Since since then, Camilla has won over an uneasy public. Her reputation has been praised for her advocacy of her own interests and causes and has also volunteered to support animals welfare charities, literacy programs, and groups that aid victims of domestic violence.

The duchess also spoke out regarding the subject of violence committed by sexual predators against women. A speech she gave at London in the year 2000, she mentioned the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa and urged men to take part in “on board” with tackling the issue of sexual violence in the society.

“She’s been loyal, discreet and works her socks off with her charities and supports the prince,” says the royal the author Penny Junor.

“She’s taken to this job at a relatively late age and she’s been extraordinary.”

born Camilla Rosary Shand, July 17, 1947 in a family of upper class She was raised near the South Downs in East Sussex.

She’s described an early love for ponies She said she was thinking of nothing more than “charging about on them”.

Other hobbies include reading. Camilla has been vocal about the importance of books for children and has been quoted as she has named Black Beauty among her top choices and is an avid fan of literature’s Hay Festival. In the aftermath of the pandemic she created an book club on Instagram.

In addition, she’s admitted that she is addicted in the Radio 4 serial drama the Archers Joking that she experienced “severe withdrawal symptoms” when episodes were interrupted by Covid.

“Many people will have seen the good work the Duchess of Cornwall has done over the years, her loyalty, her discreet nature and the hard work she puts in,” says Victoria Howard – who edits the website The Crown Chronicles. “I think many people were pleased to see this.”

Many royal commentators say that, with Camilla at his side, Charles often appears more at ease.

Before her royal wedding The life of the duchess wasn’t one filled with royal palaces or public events – but often, the more ordinary reality shows.

An interview with Camilla took place in 2020 Camilla admitted that she had enjoyed not dressing up or wearing jeans during lockdown.

The mother of two also talked about the admiration for her children and said that the time she spent without them would be “the worst” and she simply had to “rush up and hug them”.

She’ll be a warm and welcoming presence to the Queen Consort position she says Junor. “She’s fun and friendly and she has a twinkle in her eye. She makes people feel good for having met her.”

“Settles the Argument”

After Camilla and Charles were married at a civil wedding in 2005, it was revealed that Camilla would be referred to as Princess Consort, instead of Queen Consort due to the public’s concern.

However, royal experts believe that the Queen’s endorsement could convince the masses to support Camilla as the Queen.

“For Camilla, the journey from being the third person in a marriage to queen-in-waiting is complete,” says former royal reporter Peter Hunt.

Emily Nash from Hello! magazine is in agreement: “By her giving her own royal approval to Queen Camilla, the Queen Consort, it settles an argument that’s been raging for many years – and I think that that’s what’s going to happen now.”

“This is the Queen’s wish,” says Junor. “This is not about Charles being headstrong and wanting this for the woman he loves. It is a proper endorsement from the top and it’s right and well-deserved, and just as it should be.”

For the historian Robert Lacey, the timing of the Queen’s speech – just one year after the death of Prince Philip – is touching.

“She has been clearly been thinking about the importance of a partner and a consort to her. She has just lost her own consort, and I think that’s a big factor in why we’re hearing it now,” says the BBC.

“They call it the Firm – and this really brings Camilla into the Firm properly.”

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